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Dr. Ike Davis

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Davis FamilyGenerous Opportunity Leads to Lasting Legacy

Born into a family in rural Richland County, Dr. Ike Davis was surrounded by hard workers. "My mother and father loved school, and although they had some education, schools were not available to them," said Dr. Davis. 

Dr. Davis was the first in his family to graduate from college and went on to receive a professional degree shortly after his undergraduate career. He credits his parents for instilling the desire to take advantage of each educational opportunity that he has been presented with in life. 

As a recipient of a scholarship while pursuing his professional degree in dental medicine at MUSC, Dr. Davis believes in the power of giving back and allowing others to have the opportunity to further their education. "Education is the single greatest avenue for a successful career in America," Dr. Davis expressed. "MUSC gave me an opportunity to prove myself and improve myself. For that, I am eternally grateful." 

Through a gift of life insurance, Dr. Davis has named the MUSC James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine the owner and beneficiary of his policy. This gift will create an endowed scholarship for underrepresented students, allowing them to further their learning experiences just as Dr. Davis did during his time here in dental school. 

Dr. Davis' wife, Debbie, is also a graduate of MUSC. Debbie received her medical degree from MUSC in 1982. Their children, Ike, Jr. and Melissa went on to follow in their parents' footsteps. Melissa graduated from MUSC College of Medicine in 2009 and Ike, Jr. graduated from MUSC James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine in 2012. 

"Gifts like these allow alumni to leave an even greater impact than they might imagine." Dr. Davis believes that the guidance and support that MUSC provided him is what feeds his passion to make a difference. 

"MUSC is an institution that gives people an excellent opportunity. It extends itself to those individuals who are underrepresented and I am inspired to reach out and give back. Everyone has different motivations. That's mine."