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Read the latest stories of impact that planned gifts have made across the colleges, departments and centers at MUSC.


Matt Brisby

Matt Prisby

As a child, Matt Prisby watched his father support the vendors selling apples and pencils on the sidewalk, despite their family’s own financial circumstances. As he grew older, he began to think about his father’s example and how he could give back with his own money.

Mary Neff

Mary Neff

“After what I had just seen and ex­perienced, I knew I had to become a nurse”, said Mary Neff, BSN ‘97, as she thought back to the very moment she knew she had found her calling.

Tom and Ginny D'Antonio

Tom and Ginny D'Antonio

Tom and Ginny D’Antonio are a thoughtful couple who enjoy traveling and spending time with family. After retiring to Pawleys Island, the D’Antonios started looking for a hospital that would care for them as they settled into this chapter of their lives. It was an easy decision to make after just one visit to MUSC in 1999.

Russ and Venetia Vaughn

Russ and Venetia Vaughn

Before they made the decision to retire early, Russ and Venetia Vaughn made a commitment to use their time and resources to create a lasting impact on the community. They also had a strong desire to honor their parents. The Vaughns were able to accomplish both goals by making multiple planned gifts in support of programs at MUSC.

Mr and Mrs Elow

David Elow

During our nearly 65 years of marriage, I have observed my wife suffering from various degrees of discomfort and serious breathing problems.

Anne Kilpatrick

Dr. Anne Osborne Kilpatrick

Dr. Anne Osborne Kilpatrick believes that the work we do during our time here on earth helps to create a beautiful piece of art. Although we may not be able to see the finished product immediately, we will be able to look back on the lives that we touched and see the beauty that has been born over time.

Helen Spell

Barbara Spell

We made a gift to MUSC not despite our loss, but because of it. Our daughter, Helen, passed away in November of 2015. In our grief, my husband, David, and I were comforted by the knowledge that everything that could have been done for Helen was done at MUSC.

Cristina Reyes Smith

Cristina Reyes Smith

As a new graduate of the College of Charleston volunteering at the MUSC Children's Hospital, Cristina Reyes Smith met a little girl in a shoulder cast who had no interest in the cheerful volunteer but only wanted to see her OT.

Carlos Salinas

Dr. Carlos Salinas

His skill in patient care became legendary the day a 1-year-old girl in clinic screamed and screamed, unyielding to anyone's efforts to soothe her.

Frank Talbot

Frank Talbot took his battle against pancreatic cancer through clinical trials and cutting-edge treatments, and his family wants to continue his fight through research.

Franklin Mason

Dr. Franklin G. Mason

It's difficult to pick a place to begin when describing Dr. Franklin G. Mason. He's practiced dentistry for more than 64 years.

Dr. Ike Davis

Dr. Ike Davis

Born into a family in rural Richland County, Dr. Isaiah “Ike” Davis was surrounded by hard workers. "My mother and father loved school, and although they had some education, schools were not available to them," Davis said.

Dr. Jon Van Heerden

Dr. Jon van Heerden

Haley Sulka and Natalie Hahn, MUSC planned giving officers, recently sat down with Jon van Heerden, M.D. to learn a little more about him and why he supports MUSC.

Jade and Jacob Fountain

Jade and Jacob Fountain

Jade is a small-town girl from Union, South Carolina, and Jacob is from Manhattan. Seemingly very different, they have something in common: they both received scholarships toward their education.

Lynn and Connie Wallace

Lynn and Connie Wallace

Sumter residents Lynn and Connie Wallace recently chose to invest in the future of dental education in South Carolina by making a gift in the form of a deferred charitable gift annuity to the James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine building fund.

Natalie Hahn and Joe Bradley

Natalie Hahn and Joe Bradley

We sat in an exam room at Hollings Cancer Center, no one sure what to say. I was only 19, diagnosed with ovarian cancer during the summer between my freshman and sophomore years of college.

Camden Scott Meyer Pediatric Lab with Family

Rob, Cami and Rodny

Cami, Rob and Rodny. They share the same genes, the same birthday month and now, the same legacy.

Dr. Vincent Peng

Dr. Vincent Peng

Vincent Peng understands the meaning of heart and determination, two things he carried with him, along with the $15.00 in his pocket when he first came to America from Taiwan in 1960. He knew no one in the United States, but knew he was destined to succeed.

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    Through a simple bequest in his will, Matt Prisby is leaving a lasting legacy at the Medical University of South Carolina. Now, he is making an impact that will be greater than he ever thought was possible. Share your plans with us and learn more about how you can leave your own legacy at MUSC.
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    A smarter way to give:
    IRA Charitable Rollover

    Make your gift before Dec. 31, 2019, and you could exclude up to $100,000 from your 2019 taxable income.
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    What will your legacy be?

    Our team is here to help you create an impactful legacy that will make a powerful, enduring difference in the lives of many, now and for generations to come.
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