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Thank you for your interest in the Medical University of South Carolina.  We hope this site provides valuable resources to you to assist in planning for the future.  Please contact us if we can be of further assistance to you.

Helpful Articles and Resources

NEW! 2015 Charitable Tax Planning 

For a helpful article about tax planning opportunities, please click here

Summary of Legislative Action on Taxes and Charitable Giving (8/11/2014)

With Congress in recess until Labor Day, take some time to review important information on legislative action that could affect your future charitable giving - including the IRA Charitable Rollover.  Click here for an insightful article, broken down topically.

MUSC Points of Distinction (8/14/2014)

For a review of MUSC distinctions, accreditations and certifications, click here.

UPDATED! List of Attorneys & Advisors (8/14/2014)

For a comprehensive list of Charleston-based professional advisors associated with MUSC, please click here.

Is It Time For Your Will's Checkup? (5/30/2013)
Let's face it. Things change! If you or someone you love hasn't updated their will or estate plan recently, now is the time to schedule a "wills checkup." Regardless of how you choose to schedule the checkup, click here for a helpful checklist of things to consider as you determine whether your will is in good health.
Creating a Legacy of Love (5/21/2013)
Philanthropy has built remarkable educational institutions, cured deadly diseases and continues to fund research and facilities dedicated to our health. Yet, the vast majority of Americans are not able to give as much as they would like. The truth is that while many are limited by the realities of a day-to-day budget, a little careful planning today makes it possible for almost anyone to do more in the future to help those you love including family, friends and charity. Click here to read about the most frequent gifts that are made in a will or trust.
Four Reasons You May Need a Living Trust (5/7/2013)
In recent years, the living trust has become increasingly popular, and a living trust may be an ideal planning tool for you and your family for many reasons. Read about Four of the Reasons You May Need a Living Trust here.

25 Documents to Leave Behind for Loved Ones (7/9/2011)
According to a new article in the Wall Street Journal, the twenty-five item list below details the documents all individuals should begin collecting and organizing to ensure that loved ones can one day find and follow existing estate plans and other end-of-life instructions:

1.    Will
2.    Letter of instruction
3.    Trust documents
4.    Housing, land, and cemetery deeds
5.    Escrow mortgage accounts
6.    Proof of loans made and debts owed
7.    Vehicle titles
8.    Stock certificates, savings bonds, and brokerage accounts
9.    Partnership and corporate operating agreements
10. Tax returns
11. List of bank accounts
12. List of all user names and passwords
13. List of safe-deposit boxes
14. Durable health-care power of attorney
15. Authorization to release health care information
16. Living will
17. Do-not-resuscitate order
18. Personal and family medical history
19. Life insurance policies
20. Individual retirement accounts
21. 401(k) accounts
22. Pension documents
23. Annuity contracts
24. Marriage license
25. Divorce papers
To read the entire list and article, See The 25 Documents You Need Before You Die, The Wall Street Journal.