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Colleague Honored through an IRA Rollover

Colleague Honored through an IRA Rollover

Dr. William W. Pryor launched the first internal medicine residency program in Greenville and, when it came time to plan his estate decades later, he wanted to honor the colleague who helped him get it started.

Dr. Pryor used an IRA rollover to support the Newton C. Brackett, Jr. MD Endowed Chair for MUSC's Department of Medicine. Dr. Pryor knew Dr. Brackett as Dick, his fellow physician and also a dear friend.

Just as Dr. Pryor had treated Dr. Brackett's ailing father, Dr. Brackett had cared for Dr. Pryor's wife before she died. Dr. Pryor met his wife, Julia Ann Smoot, while studying medicine Duke, where she attended nursing school.

They married after he returned from a World War II tour with the Army. They spent 60 years together and raised four children.

Two of those children later became MUSC students: a son in medicine and a daughter in nursing. But Dr. Pryor first became involved with MUSC with his friend, Dr. Brackett.

Dr. Brackett joined Dr. Pryor's practice in Greenville after finishing medical school. Together, the men worked with MUSC to establish an internal medicine residency program in the 1970s.

Dr. Pryor passed away March 24, 2012, at age 87. Before his death, he realized that he had accumulated more wealth than he had anticipated and chose to make a gift to MUSC in the form of an IRA rollover. Dr. Pryor said he enjoyed the benefit of not paying taxes on the extra income while making a charitable contribution at the same time.

For more information about making a planned gift to MUSC, please contact Toni Jernigan 843-792-2236 or jernigat@musc.edu.